What We Do

The Mansfield Commission for the Arts enhances quality of life through promoting, supporting, and advocating for artistic, cultural, and educational opportunities, and seeks to make Mansfield a destination for arts & culture. We are:

Music Alley logo

A free festival that offers access to the arts with music, visual arts, hands-on interactive music and art activities, food, and fun! This annual festival is attracts 7,000 visitors to our historic donwtown area.


An annual gala evening of great food and drink, extravagant decorations, and entertaining performers, highlighting the breadth and depth of talent in our community, serving as the primary fundraising event for the Mansfield Commission for the Arts. 

Arts Week

A 4-day celebration of the arts in our community with local arts organizations and artists participating to create a critical mass of arts events to kick off spring break. Young and old, music lovers, art aficionados, book worms, and theater-goers will find something to entice and engage them.

Artist Showcase

Presented in conjunction with the MISD Elementary Arts Showcase, the Commission provides professional artists to display and demonstrate their work alongside students to create an inspiring and educational experience for budding visual artists.

Education Seminars

A source for regular seminars on business topics relevant to the arts professionals in order to ensure that all creatives in our community have the tools to support themselves with their art and drive our local economy.

Grants and Scholarships

Since 2018 we've given out almost $40,000 in grants and scholarships

Administrative Support

Help artists, arts organizations, and residents in search of arts-based services to navigate the options and hurdles in our community and beyond, from finding a music teacher, piano mover, or portrait artist to helping arts professionals navigate City policy, grant applications, and job searches.

The Mansfield Commission for the Arts, a 501c3 non-profit organization, was founded in 2016 as a City advisory board and is comprised of a nine-member Board.