About Us

The Mansfield Commission for the Arts is a nonprofit organization with a vision to make Mansfield a regionally recognized destination for cultural activities.

Mansfield is a growing city with a rich heritage and bright future, and for more than 125 years Mansfield has been a place to call home for thousands of people who live in a community with the spirit to achieve greatness.

Mansfield’s cultural arts scene is enriched by our wonderful historical museum and heritage center, wind symphony, main stage classic theater group, art galleries, community festivals, a variety of performance venues, and historic downtown. 

Why Is The Mansfield Commission For The Arts Needed?

When a city has a creative identity, it attracts visitors who buy art, listen to live music, and experience the vibrancy of a thriving cultural identity, and that is what we want for Mansfield. It's about growing our economy, retaining talent, and supporting good ideas. We want to build on what we already have to make Mansfield the kind of city where:

  • Artists of all kinds can thrive.

  • Creative graduates can start their careers and businesses.

  • Arts organizations and arts professionals strengthen their skills, bringing incredible experiences and opportunities here.

  • Our thriving cultural and creative community is a source of pride for residents and a draw for visitors.

Thriving communities have local arts agencies to develop strategies for growing and supporting their cultural and creative community. Arts agencies provide a platform for "joined up thinking," allowing communities to set goals, access new funding, evaluate impact, and identify need. You already know communities that do this and they are the places that you love to visit for day trips, weekend breaks, conferences and vacations!