COVID-19 Resources

Here are a number of helpful resources for artists in this difficult time, that include grants, relief funds and small business loans for independent artists. These organizations have been vetted by the Mansfield Commission for the Arts. Remember to be extremely wary of scams targeting small businesses and artists during this time. Click Here for information from the Federal Trade Commission on how to avoid these scams.

New York Foundation For The Arts - This page is regularly updated with grants and other helpful resources from all across the country.

Americans for the Arts - A full resource and response page, with tips and info of relief funds and grants as well as an impact survey artists can take.

Texas Commission on the Arts - Local resources and grants based here in the state of Texas (note: this page hasn't been updated to reflect the COVID-19 pandemic, but the links and information provided is still pertinent)

Texas Cultural Trust - Financial and informational support for every variety of artist.

U.S. Small Business Association - Federal Disaster Loans for Businesses, Private Non-profits, Homeowners and Renters.

United Way Tarrant County - General information regarding programs for small businesses and all citizens in the area.

The CARES Act - The recently passed CARES Act has numerous benefits for artists, small businesses and nonprofits. Click each one below for more information.

Check back as we add more resources in the coming days and weeks.