Acting and Musical Theatre Classes - ACTING ON STAGE 2nd - 5th Grade

We are excited for our Spring Semester MCT Theater Classes!
At MCT students are met where they are and elevated to the best of their abilities. Students will learn about characterization, memorization techniques, acting techniques, pantomime, and audition strategies.

All of these will be brought together and practiced through the spring performance. Every student is given an individualized performance opportunity created to help them grow.

There is a special place for every student here at Mainstage Classic Theatre. 
A place to belong… MCT!


Instructor: Alicia Ingersoll


All Classes are on Thursday


Mar 4th, 2021 5:00pm - Mar 4th, 2021 5:45pm


MCT Acting Stuio: 45 & 60 Minute Class - Semester: $300

MCT Acting Studio: 45 & 60 Minute Class - Monthly: $100

MCT Acting Studio: 45 & 60 Minute - Single Class: $25

Registration Fee: 25

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